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In the eyes of many, the game was over before the coin toss. Few gave the Baltimore Ravens a chance against the New England Patriots, including the Ravens. 

Baltimore struggled to build momentum in the first half. Despite a long drive that took them down the field for their only score of the game, the offense could have had the same impact staying off the field. 

While the offense struggled the first few minutes of the second half, the team eventually morphed into the electric bunch fans have become used to watching in recent weeks. 

Quarterback Joe Flacco took the team on his back, and like an orchestra conductor, brought the team up the field on a drive that consisted of 10 plays for 87 yards and ended with a touchdown pass to tight end Dennis Pitta. 

It was a drive that ate just over three minutes off the clock and gave the Ravens a 14-13 lead with 6:14 left to play in the third quarter. It was a drive in which most of the plays were called and made without a huddle.

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