"Man Down."

That's what singer Brian Johnson wants to call AC/DC's new album.  It is a reference to the absence of founding guitarist Malcolm Young.

AC/DC announced that Malcolm would be taking a break from the band due to health concerns.  Leading up to that announcement, many believed the band might retire.  But, they kept on going and even went into a Vancouver studio in May.

Now, Brian Johnson says the new album is finished.

Speaking to TeamRock Johnson offered this update on the band's new album:

"It was brilliant over there.  We're done.  I'm very excited and we've got some great songs."

Malcolm's nephew, Stevie Young, stepped in for his uncle.  Johnson says that Stevie "was magnificent."

The new AC/DC album is expected to release in either late 2014 or early 2015.  Johnson also recently hinted about the possibility of an AC/DC tour.