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Beyonce's father is opening up about his 2011 split from his daughter's management team.  In an interview with "The Sun," Mathew Knowles insists that Beyonce never fired him in the way it had been rumored at the time.  Instead, he says it was "mutual but still painful" decision and it was difficult for both of them "to let each other go." 

Knowles adds that it was "not a normal ending of a business agreement" - it was "a dad and a daughter" who had to go through something "incredibly painful."  Mathew had managed Beyonce since the launch of her career as a member of Destiny's Child in the 90s.  He had been accused of taking more than his share of her earnings shortly before the split, an accusation he denies.  

Beyonce addressed their fallout in her recent HBO documentary "Life Is But A Dream."  In a personal video, she admitted to feeling "empty" and "fragile" shortly after the split.  She said she felt that her "soul has been tarnished" and that her relationship with her father was "bigger" than her career. 

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