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It is Justin Bieber's 19th birthday - the last year of his teen years! Boy, does time fly, and of course no one knows that better than the pop superstar's mother. The KVJ Show on WiLD 95.5 in Palm beach interviewed the birthday boy's mom Patti Mallette.

During the interview, she talks about her teen pregnancy with Justin, what it was like being pregnant so young, and how her life has changed becoming a parent. She says,"He knows my story, we have an open dialogue, it's always important to talk about things. And now that he's 18, it's a different world that I have. I got to let go a little bit, and let him make some of his own decisions, and still be a voice in his life."

Well, what exactly do you get Justin Bieber for his birthday? Patti told Wild 95.5, "I just look forward to spending time with him, and doing dinner with him. This is the first birthday that I'm going to miss."

Listen to the entire interivew here:

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