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Katy Perry is taking fans inside the photo shoot of her new "Vogue" cover.  On Monday, she tweeted a video of herself being done up by the fashion bible's make-up team.  In it, she speaks about the many insecurities she still has about her looks. 

Katy says covering up skin imperfections used to be much more of a problem for her, especially onstage with the "big lights and a lot of HD." 

Her hair, she says, has been dyed black from her natural blonde since she was 15 when she chopped it off to look like Madonna in the "Who's That Girl" video." 

Self-analyzing how she feels about her physical features, Katy says her eyes and brows are what frame her face.  She adds that her lips and cheekbones are "alright, but they're no showoffs." 

"Vogue's" July issue was the pop star's first time gracing the cover. 

Watch the video below:

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