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Beyonce has been making all kinds of headlines lately, and we have a lot to look forward to in 2013 from her. Not only is she releasing a new CD with her former group Destiny's Child, but it includes a brand new DC track, not to mention she is about to rock the football field in New Orleans for the Super Bowl on Sunday - rumored to be performing briefly with her ladies. But now there is another rumor on the horizon, a rumor that is even bigger than Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joining her for halftime. is reporting that Beyonce may be announcing a brand new TOUR soon, to be kicked off sometime in the spring. According to AllHipHop, sources close to camp Bey say that she is supposedly going to reveal the tour plans at Super Bowl. 

Could this rumor be true? And if it is true, is she taking Destiny's Child with her? Will she take Blue Ivy with her? Could Jay-Z possibly make an appearance? Would she make it a family affair and take Solange with her too? Perhaps we'll find out on Sunday. Cross your fingers ladies and gents!

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