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(Yahoo!) - Has the Saturday Night Live stage ever been more crowded than it was at the close of this weekend's episode? Jay-Z, Paul Simon, Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, Martin Short, Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Alec Baldwin, Candice Bergen, and Andy Samberg were among the non-cast members squeezed onto the set for the collegial close, not to mention an unnamed tuba player.

That may provide the biggest testament to Justin Timberlake's star power and comedy chops: that he was able to preside over the most star-studded and cameo-crammed episode of SNL ever and not be overshadowed. 

Just in case the other Justin who recently hosted should get any uppity airs, Timberlake's monologue turned into a lengthy sketch establishing him as the newest member of the exclusive "Five Timers Club," earning a smoking jacket and lounge privileges reserved for hosts who've gotten multiple callbacks.

Check out some of his sketches below: