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President Obama may have had Beyonce for his Inauguration, but Park Geun-hye, South Korea's newly sworn-in first female president got "Gangnam Style." 

Psy, the Korean rapper turned Internet sensation, was given the honor of performing at the historical Inauguration ceremony, held in front of the country's National Assembly in Seoul. 

According to Billboard, Psy classed it up for the occasion, wearing a sleek black tux and bow tie.  But things took a wild turn when he got 89 thousand Korean attendees to join him in his signature horse dance. 

He addressed the crowd, saying that he knows the Inauguration is a very formal event but that it would be great if the they stood up to do the dance with him. 

He added that "Gangnam Style's" success was something of a miracle for him, and that he hopes his country will see the same luck as well with the beginning of a new administration.

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