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(Yahoo!) - Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been offered as much as $3 million for photos of their unborn child, but they've turned all offers down so far, according to TMZ.

Since Kardashian only confirmed her pregnancy on December 31 and has several months go to before giving birth, perhaps the couple is waiting to see if they receive a higher price for their baby’s precious first pics. After all, celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie raked in much more selling images of their offspring. J.Lo received $6 million for photos of her and her twins, Max and Emme, inPeople in 2008. Brangelina used the opportunity as a way to raise money that they donated to charity: $4.1 million for photos of the couple and their daughter Shiloh in People in 2006, and an estimated $11 million for twins Knox and Vivienne two years later in the same publication.

But Kim and Kanye could be waiting a long time for a payday like that. Nowadays, even couples as famous as Kimye aren't being courted by photo agencies and magazines to sell their baby's first photos like they were before the economic recession, says Kevin Mazur, the co-founder of photo agency WireImage and director of the new documentary, "$ellebrity."

"The public is definitely interested in these baby photos, but now the magazines don't have the big budgets like they used to [in order] to go and compete with each other," notes Mazur, whose film can currently be seen in select theaters and on-demand.


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