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(TMZ) - 2:11 PM PT -- Rihanna and Chris Brown just walked out of the courtroom together arm in arm. TMZ reports Brown looked "dejected" and Rihanna was trying to smile and cheer him up. 

2:05 PM PT -- 
Rihanna is now inside the courtroom seated in the gallery behind Chris and his legal team.  

1:59 PM PT --
Chris Brown arrived to the courthouse WITH Rihanna by his side -the woman he was convicted of BEATING in 2009 - and the reason he's on probation in the first place. 

Sources at the courthouse tell TMZ Rihanna blew Chris a kiss and said some supportive words to him before he entered the courtroom. 

1:56 PM PT -- 
Chris is wearing grey slacks, a white shirt, brown tie and a sport coat. 

1:50 PM PT --
 Brown just arrived to the courthouse with his lawyer Mark Geragos. 

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TMZ reports that Chris Brown is about to arrive to the L.A. Courthouse where a judge is expected to grill the singer over allegations he lied about completing his community service, and things could get heated. 

The D.A. wants the court to find Chris in violation of his probation stemming from the Rihanna beating case which required the singer to complete 180 days of community service. 

TMZ broke the story that prosecutors believe Chris participated in a scheme to DUPE the court by getting Virginia officials to say Chris completed service at a day care center that he never actually performed. 

The hearing is scheduled to begin at 2:00 PM PT, and TMZ be live blogging with updates as they come in. 

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