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(TMZ) - Lindsay Lohan isn't offended that The Wanted singer Max George completely denied their relationship on Twitter this week, because as far as she's concerned, there IS no relationship - they're just hook-up buddies, according to TMZ.

Lindsay posted the above photo on Instagram a few days ago, showing her and Max joking around together. Naturally, Max's fans erupted on Twitter writing things like, "If you date Lindsay, I will die!"

Max responded to the complaints, flat-out denying he was dating Lindsay whatsoever, and called speculation about their relationship:

TMZ reports that Lindsay is telling friends, she doesn't feel burned  because Max is telling the truth and they aren't boyfriend and girlfriend. They just have a no-strings-attached non-exclusive hook-up thing going on.

According to TMZ, Lindsay is not taking things seriously with Max at all - she just likes hanging out with him. And he's free to tweet whatever he wants.


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