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(Yahoo!) - Destiny’s Child may be sorta, kinda saying “No, No, No” to the rumors that they will be reuniting this Sunday during Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime performance … but the facts speak otherwise.

Michelle Williams, who was in the group for five years until their 2005 split, did an interview with WRUG Media last week in which she said the much-hyped reunion “is not confirmed,” which some news outlets took as a denial. One site even went as far as to go with the headline, “Michelle Williams: Super Bowl Destiny's Child Reunion Is 'Not True'” – but that’s not what she really said.

Williams, 32, also told WRUG that instead of busting a move with Beyonce and Kelly Rowlandon Sunday, “I’ll be in the musical ‘Fela!’” – but that too is not entirely accurate.

Yahoo! omg! Insider discovered that the Website for the Sidney Harmand Hall in Washington, D.C., where “Fela!” is currently in production, clearly states, “PLEASE NOTE: Michelle Williams will not be appearing January 31st – 3rd.

And wouldn’t you know it, the Super Bowl is on February 3! And a group that has not performed together in nearly eight years could probably use a few days to rehearse, right?

Despite the fact that that she will not be onstage with “Fela!,” Williams is working hard to keep up the façade. She’s been tweeting up a storm about dress rehearsals and opening night (which is Tuesday night, January 29) … even though it is confirmed she will not be there after the first two nights of performances!

“Fela!,” based on the late Nigerian singer Fela Kuti, is also co-produced by none other than Jay-Z – as in Beyonce’s husband – so we can only assume the boss would let his star actress off for a few days so she could boost his wife’s highly-anticipated performance on Sunday.

One thing is 100% undeniable: Beyonce will be there. And she’s been keeping her fans up-to-date with all of the behind-the-scenes fun at rehearsals on her Tumblr blog. Her most recent pic? An exterior shot of the New Orleans Arena, where she’ll be killing it during the halftime show… it appears, mostly like with Michelle and Kelly.

Williams’ rep and “Fela!” did not respond to omg!’s request for comment on where she’ll in fact be from January 31 to February 3.


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