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(Yahoo!) - Justin Bieber is having a drama-filled year ... and we’re only a week into 2013.

After the “Beauty and a Beat” singer was caught on camera holding what appeared to be marijuana, pranksters started a disturbing ad campaign called “Cut for Bieber,” urging young female fans of the 18-year-old singer to self-harm in protest of his alleged drug use.

The prank all started with a post on a message board. "Let's start a cut yourself for bieber campaign,” a twisted user posted on 4chan. “Tweet a bunch of pics of people cutting themselves and claim we did it because bieber was smoking weed. See if we can get some little girls to cut themselves."

Purported “fans” of the singer then uploaded photos of slashed wrists (some real, some fake) and the campaign went viral. They also created fake Twitter accounts, pretending to be young girls who had harmed themselves to stop Bieber’s drug use. By Monday afternoon it was trending on Twitter with the hashtags #CutForBieber and #CuttingForBieber.

The backlash was immediate and Miley Cyrus was one of the ones to blast the sick joke, retweeting a post that said:

Bieber didn’t address the drama on Twitter himself.


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