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Beyonce definitely silenced many of the haters (and anyone who thought she might lip-sync at the Super Bowl) when she performed the National Anthem live for the press earlier this week, and now Kelly Clarkson has weighed in on the controversy.

Kelly called in to Saturday Night Online with Romeo and talked to DJ Maxwell about her experience at the inauguration (she admitted to being very nervous) and gave her two cents on Beyonce's lip-sync heard 'round the world. "Everybody is giving her such a hard time, but whatever, to each his own," Kelly says. "But I will say, from a person standing there having to do it - man, the event really isn't about us. The event is about the President, so I totally see why someone would be like, 'I don't wanna mess this up.'"

Check out the full interview with Kelly Clarkson below.

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