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When it comes to Mariah Carey the businesswoman, most people only know about her successful perfume line, but Mimi’s actually had her hands in many different pies over the years. Although not every venture has been a hit, the diva’s had her own jewelery line and luxury champagne before, on top of hocking about a million different products on the Home Shopping Network. Now Mimi’s taking things to the next level with her very own off-the-shelf beverage, Butterfly.

Named after her iconic 1997 album and available through pharmaceutical chain Walgreens, Butterfly is officially described as “a melodic beverage inspired by the magic of Mariah Carey.”

Unfortunately, there’s no actual information on what kind of drink Butterfly is, or even what flavor it is, but a food blogger described it as smelling like “gummy bears, flowers, and Fresca” and tasting “literally like liquid sugar-free gummy bears.”

Cheers, Mariah!

Photo Credit Getty Images