(Yahoo!) - At the end of every “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show – for exactly 1,205 episodes – the host has playfully poked fun at Matt Damon, apologizing for running out of time and not being able to have the A-list actor on as a guest. But Thursday night, that all changed. Damon didn’t just go on the late night show, he hijacked it, switching the name to “Jimmy Kimmel Sucks!” and taking over hosting duties for the night.

Damon also did a “hostile takeover” of staffers, replacing Kimmel’s beloved sidekick Guillermo withAndy Garcia and subbing in Sheryl Crow for band leader Cleto. The one employee he didn’t get rid of was Kimmel’s loyal cue card holder – though that was a gag too which the audience realized when the camera panned to … Ben Affleck.

The show continued to roll on, with A-Listers like Nicole KidmanReese Witherspoon, and Amy Adams who all poked fun at the real late night host. Even Oprah Winfrey joined in on the fun!

Check out this vid to see more of Damon’s hosting antics – and how he got the last laugh.