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Sony is going after is suing a 47-year-old Swedish man for leaking Beyonce's most recent album, 4.  

According to "TorrentFreak," the label is suing the man for $233,000, accusing him of being behind the leak that made the star's album available to fans two weeks ahead of its official June 2011 release date. 

The man's name has not been revealed, but it is believed that he works in the music industry. 

The site says Sony has filed legal action against the man in the Gothenburg District Court, saying the leak negatively affected their sales revenues and marketing strategy.  The label is also claiming the leak damaged their relationship with Beyonce, as well as her reputation as an artist.  

Beyonce's 4 was an international success.  It was a top ten hit in more than 30 countries throughout the world, and topped the charts in ten countries, including the U.S.