Madonna apparently had a little business to address while watching a screening of 12 Years a Slave.  The pop star sent several text messages during the film, according to the Daily Mail.

Another movie goer asked Madonna to stop.  The singer replied, "It's for business...enslaver!"

The movie theater is owned by The Alamo Drafthouse.  Tim League, the company's CEO, takes issue with texters.  League tweeted:

League told Entertainment Weekly that the tweet was a joke.  It was meant to be, "more of a means to get the issue out there, that it is rude to text during movies...But now that it seems to have taken hold, sure, I'm going to enforce it."

Entertainment Weekly also notes that The Alamo Drafthouse got a lot of exposure a couple of years ago when they shared an anti-texting message which featured a profane (and real) voicemail.