Ten years ago, Breaking Benjamin broke through with their second album, We Are Not Alone.  Thanks to hits like So Cold, the album went platinum.

The band released two more albums, Phobia in 2006 and Dear Agony in 2009.

Front-man Benjamin Burnley has struggled with illness all of his life.  He suffers from several phobias (which inspired the name of the band's 2006 album).  As a result of those issues, the band when on indefinite hiatus in 2010.  The next year, all hell broke loose.

Burnley fired guitarist Aaron Fink and bassist Mark Klepaski in 2011.  Also, a greatest hits album was released against Burnley's wishes.  A legal battle ensued and eventually Burnley won and retained the rights to the Breaking Benjamin name.

Now, Burnley is back with a new Breaking Benjamin lineup.

The new lineup features Burnley with drummer Shaun Foist, bassist Aaron Bruch, guitarist Shaun Foist, and guitarist Keith Wallen.

The band shared a video called "Coming Soon" on Facebook.