Jack White's hatred of The Black Keys existed in various rumors for years.  There were stories of White kicking Keys front-man Dan Auerbach out of his studio and various "rip-off" claims.

Last year, leaked emails confirmed White's hatred of The Black Keys.  TMZ obtained emails related to White's divorce.  In one email, Jack White complained about having to run into Auerbach.  They all live in Nashville and White and Auerbach have children who attend the same school.

Earlier this year, The Black Keys addressed the Jack White rivalry.  Auerbach had little to say, but drummer Patrick Carney actually defended White (after saying he sounded like an asshole).  Carney felt bad for White and complained about the public nature of their private lives.

But, Jack White still hates The Black Keys.

He unleashed on the two-piece blues rock band to Rolling Stone:

"There are kids at school who dress like everybody else, because they don't know what to do, and there are musicians like that, too. I'll hear TV commercials where the music's ripping off sounds of mine, to the point I think it's me. Half the time, it's the Black Keys...There's a whole world that's totally fine with the watered-down version of the original. Some people will hear that and say 'Oh, Jack White thinks he's the first person to play the blues.' But certain acts open up a market for a certain style...The White Stripes did the same thing, and in our absence, you're gonna find someone to fill that. And you get a band like the Black Keys, who said they never heard of the White Stripes? Sure."

Well, that's not over.

Here's Patrick Carney's recent response to a Jack White question.