Here is an important lesson for anybody attempting to create good will with a social media campaign.

Everybody is on the internet.

Your message will generally first reach people who will have no problems with what you are trying to do.  For example, if you're the New York Police Department and you want to showcase a positive image of your officers interacting with citizens, you may try something like this.


This will likely lead to similar pictures.  Such as:


But, everybody is on the internet.  You may have plenty of fans, but if a lot of people have major issues with you, they're going to see this and they will not like it.

Then, this happens:


When you ask for a photo on Twitter, there's little chance for context.  So, this looks bad.  The NYPD can't exactly argue against allegations of police brutality by saying "haters gonna hate."

The Police Department still hasn't chosen a photo for Facebook.  So, good luck.