buck showalter seinfeld


Orioles manager Buck Showalter made a guest appearance on the MLB Network during the 2016 Winter Meetings to discuss a variety of subjects on baseball.

One of those subjects being Showalter's cameo appearance on the legendary sitcom Seinfeld. He appears as himself in the sixth season episode "The Chaperone" in 1994. George Costanza (played by Jason Alexander) suggests to the then Yankees skipper (Showalter managed the team from 1992 – 1995) that the team would play better using cotton uniforms instead of polyester.

Showalter recalled the recording of the scene, saying how hard it was to keep a straight face but was able to do the scene in only one take. He then says he still has to pay taxes for the short scene, having had to join the Actors Guild.



Here's the original scene from the show: