(NEWSER– Lindsey Graham says he's ready to block the confirmations of both Chuck Hagel and John Brennan if President Obama isn't a little more forthcoming with what he knows about the Benghazi consulate attack. "No confirmation without information," he said today, adding that the confirmations shouldn't go forward "until the White House gives us a full accounting." Specifically, Graham wants to know if Obama got on the phone to Libya during the attack, theorizing that the four Americans who died might have been saved, reports Politico. Senate Dem Jack Reed dismissed Graham's threat as "unprecedented and unwarranted." Elsewhere on your Sunday dial, as perPolitico:

  • Mike Rogers on drone program“I, as chairman, review every single airstrike that we use in the war on terror, both from the civilian and the military side when it comes to airstrikes. There is plenty of oversight here."

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