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Who says you can't fight City Hall? Certainly not 11-year-old David Williams. The young man reprimanded members of the Dallas City Council for not giving him their undivided attention during a meeting.

In a video that went viral, David stands behind a podium, with a room full of strangers to his back. Well, actually, he stands to the side of the podium because he can't see over it. With the microphone as low as it can go, David asks the City Council about its plans for addressing violence in schools.

That's when things get interesting. While David is speaking, he notices that members of the council, instead of paying attention to him, are walking around and chatting. So, he calls them on it. "Do you feel it is acceptable for City Council members to be up and walking around while constituents are addressing them?" he asks.

Boom. That woke 'em up. Dwaine Caraway, a member of the council, praised David for asking such tough questions. "Let me first be apologetic to you," Caraway said. "I do walk a lot around here ... but it is not so respectful to walk around when visitors are speaking, so I will adhere to that as well."

David said that he would like to be on the council when he's an adult. But he's more interested in becoming president (of the United States, not the council). We think he's got a shot.