Last week, Ray Lewis was on Speak for Yourself and was asked to comment on Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco's inconsistent play this year. Lewis argued that while Flacco has a tremendous amount of talent, but questioned his passion for the game. "Gifted? Absolutely. Passionate about what he do? I've never seen that. I don't know what that looks like," he told Fox Sports 1.

Lewis' comments sparked a huge amount of reaction, with former Raven Bart Scott saying, "Come on, man. You got that ring on your finger because of Flacco," referring to Flacco's incredible playoff performances that lead to a Super Bowl victory in 2013. Current Ravens players Eric Weedle, Jimmy Smith and Steve Smith Sr. all voiced their support for Flacco as well. Joe himself said the comment is the kind of criticism he's had to deal with since high school.

Now, Lewis is backtracking on his comments questioning Flacco's passion in a video he uploaded to his personal Twitter account, saying, "It wasn't about you. It wasn't even personal. It was just me, being frustrated of watching something that I had control over for so many years." He goes on to apologize directly to Flacco.