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(Yahoo!) - David Bowie clearly hasn't lost his edge. The 66-year-old rocker's latest video, which he wrote and conceived himself, features plenty of racy imagery and the clergy engaged in some less-than-pious behavior. "The Next Day" clip also bears the "explicit" parental advisory label and ended up being banned from YouTube for "violating terms of service" just a few hours after its release.

The video, which some may consider offensive due to its graphic images that could be interpreted as mocking religion, stars Academy Award-winning actress Marion Cotillard and renowned British actor Gary Oldman. It takes place in a bar filled with saints and sinners, where Bowie is performing on stage dressed in monks' robes.

It kicks off with Oldman's priest character punching a beggar in the face. Cotillard plays a prostitute-turned-saint character, who dances with Oldman's character until she develops stigmata wounds that end up drenching many of the bar's patrons in blood.

*Warning: Contains explicit and unsettling images


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