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It turns out Morrissey was both right and wrong when it came to the cuisine at his Los Angeles gig Friday night.  The singer claimed that the Staples Center had agreed to shut down all their McDonald's locations during the show, and points to a number of concertgoers who tweeted that the fast food joints were indeed closed. 

However, many of those same Twitter users said the building was not 100-percent meat free, as Morrissey had insisted it would be.  The floor level vendors were reportedly all vegetarian, but the second floor vendors still offered options with meat. 

Meanwhile, Morrissey launched a new complaint during the nearly sold-out show.  According to "The Hollywood Reporter," Moz shared his thoughts on Beyoncé just before playing the Smiths' song "Meat Is Murder."  He told the crowd that the R&B diva's choice in handbags has contributed to the extinction of rhinos. 

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