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(Yahoo!) - "How do you take someone from a Third World country and throw them into the circus?" That's the question posed by Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey, the charming new documentary detailing Arnel Pineda's too-amazing-to-be-real musical fairy tale -- the tale of a virtually unknown singer stepping into the role of frontman for one of rock's most legendary bands, Journey.

Sound a bit insane? Well, as the song goes, don't stop believin'. Pineda's story is 100 percent true. The vocalist, who grew up in a struggling Filipino household and spent several years on the streets of Manila, managed to gain local acclaim after joining a neighborhood band, but never gained much attention outside the Philippines.

That all changed in 2007, when Pineda -- who had a series of videos on YouTube covering favorite American rock songs, including Journey's classic "Faithfully" -- received an eye-opening email.

"Interested in singing for the real band Journey?" it read, and it was signed "Neal Schon" -- Journey's founding member and guitarist.

"I thought it was a scam," admitted Pineda, who was 40 at the time. "Where I come from, it would be crazy to just believe an email like that … but my friend, the one who uploaded my live video performances on YouTube, he was pretty persistent. He was [certain] that the email was for real."


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