Ozzy Osbourne says he'd "die a happy man" if he had the chance to work with Adele.  The Black Sabbath frontman tells Australia's "Rip It Up" that he really admires the young British singer-songwriter because she's not "botox-faced," but is "a normal, healthy girl who speaks in her native accent."  Ozzy already has one connection to Adele -- Rick Rubin.  Rubin has been working with Black Sabbath on their new album, "13," and was one of the producers on Adele's numerically named album, "21." 

Ozzy also has lots of praise for Rubin.  He admits he'd been told that Rick's busy schedule might keep the producer from attending every recording session for "13," but the singer says every time he was in the studio Rubin "was there."  Osbourne is also confident that Rubin "knows what he's doing."  He adds that if Sabbath's album "is anywhere near as successful as the Adele album," he'll "be happy."  Black Sabbath's "13" is due in stores on June 11th.