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The Beatles' one-time secretary Freda Kelly is finally telling her story in the new movie Good Ol' Freda.  

She was just 17 when she signed on with the band during their days at Liverpool's Cavern Club, and she never left - the job ended when the band broke up in 1970. 

The UK's Independent says the film shows how Kelly really became part of the Beatles family.  She says Ringo Starr's mom was "a mother figure" to her, she'd call Paul McCartney's dad "Uncle Jim," and she learned ballroom dancing from George Harrison's father.  Her recollections about John Lennon's Aunt Mimi aren't quite as warm, explaining "it wasn't that you were afraid of Mimi; you just watched your p's and q's." 

Freda also refuses to say just how close she was with the lads from Liverpool.  She denies being romantically involved with any of them.  But she admits "there are stories" that she's not one to tell because "that's personal," and she doesn't "want anybody's hair falling out or turning curly." 

Good Ol' Freda will have its world premiere at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas on Saturday.  The documentary will also be featured at the Atlanta Film Festival on March 16th, and at the Cleveland Film Festival in April.