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Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme says he has a "special relationship" with Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl.  Homme recently told Zane Lowe of BBC Radio 1 that he's known Grohl since he was 19-years-old, and the two have worked together numerous times since then. 

Most recently, Grohl played drums on the upcoming Queens album, ...Like ClockworkHomme says Grohl has the ability to take something mediocre and make it "great."  But while ...Like Clockwork may be great, Homme also says it comes from a "particularly dark period" in the band's life.  He tells MTV News that it's the "most current, real, raw thing" they've ever made, which he notes "means something" to a band that is always trying to make it raw and real.  

...Like Clockwork is scheduled to hit stores on June 4th.