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Clarence Clemons' family is taking legal action over his death.  William Clemons - the brother of the late E Street Band sax player - reportedly filed a malpractice suit last year, and last month the case received the go-ahead to proceed to a jury trial. 

According to, the suit alleges that Clarence was advised to go off blood thinners for his carpal tunnel surgery, and wasn't given a blood thinner during or after the procedure, which could have caused his stroke.  Soon after he died, Clemons' widow Victoria told Rolling Stone that Clarence had lost sensation in his index finger and thumb, just prior to suffering the stroke, and was seriously concerned about how it would affect his sax playing. 

Clarence died on June 18th, 2011, six days after the stroke. 

While Clarence didn't have cancer, he was treated at the Palm Beach Cancer Center.  The suit is against the facility and three of its doctors.  Clemons' hand surgeon isn't among the defendants.  William Clemons is also the father of Jake Clemons, who's now playing sax in the E Street Band. 

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