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Eddie Vedder may be little by little working with the rest of Pearl Jam on their next album, but it looks like he's found something else to keep him busy in the mean time. According to the LA Times, Vedder is set to write and record a track for Christian Bale's latest movie Out of the Furnice, and it is more than likely that several of his other songs will be included in the film as well. The movie stars Bale, Woody Harrelson and Casey Affleck, and surrounds two brothers from Pennsylvania, who "get caught up in a web of violent crime."

Vedder is no stranger to the big screen. He has written and recorded songs for movies like Dead Man Walking, Eat Pray Love, and the majority of the Into the Wild soundtrack.

According to, the Pearl Jam star said that he and his band were halfway finished with their next album, but are "taking their time" with it.

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