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Eric Clapton says he's ready to bring his touring career to a close.  The rocker, who'll turn 68 later this month, tells Rolling Stone he intends to retire from the road when he's 70.  He says his decision has nothing to do with performing, and calls the time he spends on stage easy.  

Clapton explains that the traveling is a struggle for him, and the only way you can beat that is by throwing so much money at it that you make a loss.  He adds that going through immigration and security checkpoints are unpleasant hassles, in part because he can never get it right.  

Eric admits that when he's going through the airport screening he always forgets something that sets off the detectors, and he ends up having to be searched. 

While Clapton isn't going to stop performing, and says he'll continue to play one-off gigs and special events, he's not interested in touring much longer. 

Clapton will soon be going through those hassles of touring.  He'll kick off a North American trek with a show in Phoenix on March 14th.  The road trip begins two days after Eric releases his new album, Old Sock

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