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Metallica won't host an Orion Music + More festival next year.  A rep for the event's promoter-producer, C3, tells they're skipping 2014 because of the band's European tour. 

The spokeswoman didn't say if the festival will return in 2015.  Metallica first staged their Orion festival in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 2012, and hosted their 2013 event in Detroit this past June. 

A few months ago Metallica frontman James Hetfield told "Billboard" he was pleased with this year's festival, saying he thought it "went smoother than the previous one."  But he also admitted that the promoters have the final say in whether Orion Music + More has a future, and money would be the determining factor. 

Hetfield added that they weren't out to make money with the event but wanted to at least break even, which hasn't happened yet.

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