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Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger isn't happy about an upcoming book about the group.  Prince Rupert Loewenstein, who served as the Stones financial advisor from 1968 until 2007 is sharing his experiences with the group in "A Prince Among Stones: That Business with The Rolling Stones and Other Adventures." 

But Jagger tells the UK's "The Mail on Sunday" he feels it's not right for Loewenstein to tell his stories about the band.  The singer admits his attitude might be "old fashioned," but explains that he doesn't think "your ex-bank manager should be discussing your financial dealings and personal information in public." 

He adds that it "just goes to show that well brought-up people don't always display good manners." 

The Stones were apparently in a dire financial situation when Loewenstein came on board in the late '60s, and with his assistance band members ended up becoming multi-millionaires. 

"A Prince Among Stones" is due in stores next month. 

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