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Steven Tyler has filed a declaration with the court stating that he wants to "very much end the relationship" with his former manager, Allen Kovac and the Kovac Media Group/Tenth Street Entertainment.

Kovac filed a suit against Tyler's lawyer, Dina LaPort, claiming she did not properly handle Tyler’s American Idol negotiations, which in turn resulted in Tyler leaving the show and Kovac's losing his commission. Dina claims Tyler had already severed ties with Kovac and is asking for the suit to be dismissed.

In Tyler's declaration, he says, "I know [LaPort] has been sued by Allen Kovac’s company regarding my management relationship with him, and that is an outrage and a travesty. It is an understatement to say that I was very unhappy with the services and conduct of Allen Kovac. Among other things, he was disrespectful and rude to my business associates, insulted and verbally abused my fiancée, my lawyer, my family, my assistants and my accountants. I wanted very much to end the relationship. In fact, I only signed with his company in the first place because Kovac employed Eric Sherman, a person I liked, and only because we agreed that Eric would be my manager -- not Allen."

Kovac is asking for $8 million in damages.

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