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(Yahoo!) - When David Bowie unexpectedly emerged from a decade-long seclusion last month on his 66th birthday—releasing a new music video, “Where Are We Now,” and announcing plans to issueThe Next Day, his first album since 2003’sReality—it was cause for celebration, obviously. In an age when tracks “leak” all the time and pop stars detail every aspect of their lives on Twitter, Instagram, and WhoSay, surprises on that sort of scale never happen anymore.

But there was just one minor problem: David’s famously aquiline likeness could barely be discerned in the “Where Are We Now” video; he merely appeared as some sort of conjoined twin, his digitally obscured face peeking out from a black shroud. Considering that Bowie had practically gone into hiding since his heart attack of '03, and that rumors about his supposed ill health had run rampant in the years since, it was worrying that he had opted to not show his full self in his comeback clip.

But worry no more, Bowie fans. In the legend’s epic new mini-movie, “The Stars (Are Out Tonight),” he looks virtually untouched by time: still handsome, glamorous, regal, and, for lack of a better adjective, positively Bowie-esque.