An Alabama fan once poisoned historic trees on the campus of Auburn University.  That's what happened the last time Auburn beat Alabama.  Now, it appears an Alabama fan has taken the crazy up a notch.

A 28-year-old woman from Birmingham, Alabama named Adrian Laroze Briskey has been charged in the shooting death of 36-year-old Michelle Shephard.

Briskey and Shephard were both attending a party and got into an argument after Auburn defeated Alabama.  Police tell that the women did not know each other and will not confirm what started the fight.

But, Neketa Shephard, Michelle's sister, was there and has a different story.  She tells

"I was saying I wasn't even mad (about the loss). Like when The Heat lost in game four, I was sick to my stomach.  She started cursing. Her friends said she always did that when she got drunk and they took her outside...She was saying she was going to beat us up.  Somebody was saying, 'they don't care about Alabama.'"

Neketa says that she and her sister attempted to leave the party, but were blocked by people in the parking lot.  That's when her sister was shot.  She says that Michelle never touched Briskey.

Briskey is being held under a $75,000 bond.