(NEWSER– Glance around your office, and odds are you'll see more than one person staring brow-furrowed at a March Madness bracket. Yes, the selection committee released its official bracket yesterday (you can download one here), and that means it's time to identify Cinderellas, pick some 5-12 upsets, and/or randomly guess which university you've maybe heard of will defeat which university you've definitely never heard of. We're here to help. Here's what people around the web are saying about the bracket:

  • High seeds are good: For all the much-buzzed-about upsets, it turns out the selection committee knows a thing or two; No. 1 seeds have won five of the past six championships, ESPN points out, and only once in the past 24 tournaments has a team seeded lower than 24 won it all.
  • But definitely pick some upsets: They'll happen, because this isn't March Rational Outcomes. USA Today suggests picking a 9-seed over an 8-seed, noting that 9-seeds are 58-54 all-time. You could also do worse than picking a 10 over a 7 (45-67) or a 12 over a 5 (38-74).

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