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5 Really Awful Valentine's Day Gifts

5 Really Awful Valentine's Day Gifts

#1 - Dead Flowers


Totting flowers for every occasion from forgetting an anniversary to wanting to show your special someone and her special someone just how you feel, Dirty Rotten Flowers might be your florist of choice for this year.

#2 - A Cactus


A cactus might be the perfect gift for the plant lover in your life. They never die and will be a constant reminder of what a thoughtful person you are!

#3 - Your Heart


If you truly want to give your significant other a piece of yourself, why not really do it? Van Der Glas will make jewelry from human hair, teeth and fingernails.

#4 Wearable Candy


This is more of a gift for the lady in your life (sorry guys who like candy).

#5 Really Bad Art


Fancy yourself the type of person who likes to show your sweetheart how much you care through handiwork? Why not cross stitch them something amazing? Maybe something telling them you really do pay attention… sometimes.

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