(Yahoo!) - That Kate Upton Mercedes-Benz video you saw earlier this week? Yeah, that’s not the luxury car company’s big Super Bowl ad. But thanks for playing.

omg! was able to screen the real commercial Thursday evening in New York and can promise that the only things that controversial viral video has in common with the ad are the pretty lady and the handsome cars.

The commercial you’ll see during the big game on February 3rd features the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover girl all dolled up on a red carpet, not wearing bootie shorts and washing a car. Tired of posing alone, she grabs a schlub (played by actor Sebastian Beacon) who’s just rolled up in a Mercedes-Benz CLA. But she’s not the only celebrity in the clip.

The schlub takes over the dance floor with Usher before leaving with Upton and a car full of models, all while making a deal with the devil. Now, who’s playing that devil, we’re not entirely sure – they wouldn’t even show us. All we know is that he’s a two-time Oscar nominee and has a deep, mature voice. Who do you think it could be? Please, help us out and put your guesses in the comments!

While we’re pretty excited to see the final version and solve this mystery when the commercial debuts on Facebook on January 30th, the viral video featuring the 20-year-old stunner washing a car in slow motion – which has more than 4 million views on YouTube already – continues to draw chatter. Many (presumably straight men) are applauding it and others are accusing the car company of going against brand and Upton of being too sexy.

We’ll be curious to hear what you think when you see the final commercial. But, in the meantime, let us know who you think might be playing that deal-making devil!