Belligerent Man Stands In Front Of New York City Bus And Bashes Windshield


An upset commuter was captured on video taking out his frustrations on a bus in New York City. The man stood in the middle of the street blocking the bus and screaming at the bus driver for not stopping to let him on board.

“Go ahead, run me over, just like you ran past every bus stop as I bang on your f****** door, you piece of s***,” the man screamed.

Video captured by a bystander shows the man claiming that he chased the bus for 23 blocks before he managed to get in front of it, forcing the driver to stop in the middle of the road. He then starts hitting the windshield and breaks off the side view mirror. 

"Let everybody off the bus! Let everybody off the bus now, because you're not going anywhere."

The man ran off before police arrived, but not before doing around $2,000 worth of damage. An MTA official said the man broke the windshield wipers, both side view mirrors and shattered the glass on the side doors during his violent outburst.

Police officials said there were cameras on the bus and they are trying to identify the suspect. 


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