Van Halen's 'Jump' In A Minor Key Is So Eerie It's Perfect For Halloween

Musician and remix artist Andy Rehfeldt has reshared his stirring minor key arrangement of Van Halen's "Jump," three years after it was blocked by YouTube, over a copyright claim.

Rehfeldt's "Jump" reappeared a few weeks ago. The musician recorded all the parts himself, paying careful attention to replicate the sound and mix of the Van Halen original, while carefully tuning David Lee Roth's vocals to match the strange new instrumental arrangement.

The result is baffling, epic, bizzaro-world take on one of Van Halen's most beloved Roth-era hits, set to the original music video. Rehfeldt adds a few surprises to make the song his own (and possibly because trying to reproduce Eddie Van Halen's original guitar solo seemed a little out-of-bounds).

Check it out via the player above!

For reference, watch the original Van Halen music video below!

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