This Is Maryland's Signature Cheap Food

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Berger Cookies are being credited as Maryland's signature cheap dish, according to

The website included the dessert as Maryland's top choice as part of its list of every state's signature dish.

"Baltimore's Berger cookies are thick and crusty, with a generous slathering of chocolate icing on top," wrote. "Berger's Bakery, with an outpost inside Lexington Market, is the go-to cookie connection."

Cheapism's full list of the signature cheap eats from every state is listed below:

  1. Alabama- Fried Chicken
  2. Alaska- Reindeer
  3. Arizona- Prickly Pear
  4. Arkansas- Fried Pickles
  5. California- Tacos and Burritos
  6. Colorado- Doughnuts and Rocky Mountain Oysters
  7. Connecticut- Hot Dogs and Neapolitan Pizza
  8. Delaware- Scrapple
  9. District of Columbia- Hal-Smoke
  10. Florida- Key Lime Pie
  11. Georgia- Peach Cobbler
  12. Hawaii- Kulolo and Shave Ice
  13. Idaho- Potatoes
  14. Illinois- Popcorn and Deep-Dish Pizza
  15. Indiana- Hoosier Pie
  16. Iowa- State Fair Fare
  17. Kansas- Burgers
  18. Kentucky- Hot Brown
  19. Louisiana- Po'Boys
  20. Maine- Lobster
  21. Maryland- Berger Cookies
  22. Massachusetts- Clam Chowder
  23. Michigan- Coney Dog
  24. Minnesota- Lutefisk
  25. Mississippi- Cheese Straws
  26. Missouri- Barbecue and Toasted Ravioli
  27. Montana- Bison
  28. Nebraska- Reuben Sandwich
  29. Nevada- Shrimp Cocktail
  30. New Hampshire- Cider Doughnuts
  31. New Jersey- Saltwater Taffy
  32. New Mexico- Biscochito
  33. New York- Pizza and Bagels
  34. North Carolina- Pulled Pork
  35. North Dakota- Chippers
  36. Ohio- Chili and Buckeyes
  37. Oklahoma- Onion Burgers and Fried Anything
  38. Oregon- Marionberry Pie
  39. Pennsylvania- Cheesesteak
  40. Rhode Island- Pizza Strips
  41. South Carolina- Shrimp and Grits
  42. South Dakota- Chislic
  43. Tennessee- Hot Chicken
  44. Texas- Breakfast Tacos and Pecan Pie
  45. Utah- Scones
  46. Vermont- Maple Syrup
  47. Virginia- Pimento Cheese
  48. Washington- Coffee
  49. West Virginia- Pepperoni Rolls
  50. Wisconsin- Cheese Curds
  51. Wyoming- Chicken Fried Steak

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