Jen DeVos, CEO, Copper Kitchen

My passion for great food began at an early age, as well as discovering my spiritual gift – hospitality. Coming from a huge family, my mother was always hosting all the holidays and many events at our house. My passion grew as I took on various positions in restaurants for 10 years starting out as hostess, then moving to server, bartender, and then eventually to restaurant management. In 2008, I opened a personal assistance company, In 2009, I asked Chef Kevin if he wanted to do some private chef-ing for some of my clients. We began a meal delivery service, where all you needed to do was heat up the meal in the oven. The private chef-ing and meal delivery then led to dinner parties, cocktail parties, luncheon drop offs … eventually we decided it was clear we needed to make our unplanned business official – and did just that in March 2011.We have a great ability serve others and can easily understand what the client wants in bringing their vision to life.

CEO's You Should Know, Jen DeVos, Copper Kitchen