Mandatory School Bus Seat Belts Bill Being Introduced in Maryland

A push to have mandatory seat belts installed in all school buses in Maryland is gaining momentum. State Senator Jim Brochin plans to introduce a bill that would require seat belts on all buses in the state according to The Baltimore Sun.

Brochin said on the matter, "Without seat belts, these kids become projectiles – literally crash test dummies."

The pending bill comes at a time when the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration recommends that seat belts be installed on all school buses with a 3-point belt.

At the time of this writing, six states have laws requiring seat belts on larger buses: California, Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York and Texas.

Maryland does require seat belts on school buses under 10,000 lbs., which is a federal law. However, there are very few of them that fall under this parameter in Maryland.

Read the Full Article on Baltimore Sun.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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