Guy Sneaks Into Zoo to Avoid Paying, Climbs Into Tiger Enclosure and Is Eaten Alive

At a zoo in China, a man was eaten alive by a tiger after he attempted to sneak in without paying. The man climbed a fence, presumably not knowing it was the fence to the tiger enclosure. The man's wife, his two children, and his friend's wife all paid entry, but the man and his friend tried to save a couple of bucks.

According to one source, the incident occurred at the Youngor Wildlife Park, about 125 miles south of Shanghai. Multiple videos can be found on social media, showing the unconscious man being dragged along the ground by a tiger as another watches. Gunshots can be heard in attempt to scare the tigers away from the man.

Click Here to See the Video (WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC)

Source: Barstool Sports

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