Maryland Veteran Jeffrey Buchalter Gives His Purple Heart to Iraqi at Dulles Airport

Jeffrey Buchalter is an Iraqi War Army veteran who performed multiple tours of duty in Iraq and is now a law-enforcement instructor at the Department of Homeland Security. He suffered spinal injuries, a brain injury and suffers from PTSD as a result of his injuries while in Iraq. Buchalter spent over two years at Walter Reed Army Medical Center recovering. As a result of his difficulties, Jeffrey was awarded a Purple Heart, awarded by the President to those who are killed or wounded while serving our country.

While listening to the news, Buchalter heard that an Iraqi man who has worked as an interpreter with American forces had been blocked from entering the United States as a result of President Trump's executive order.

The story hit home for Jeffrey, who says the help that Iraqi interpreters gave him and his fellow servicemen overseas is one significant reason he is still alive. 

Buchalter decided to drive two hours with his son and daughter to Dulles International Airport outside of Washington, D.C. to join the protests against blocking these people from entering the US.

Buchalter and his two children can be seen in the photo above holding signs that read, "This Veteran Stands With You," "Love Not Fear," and "My Daddy Fought for the Freedom of All." 

He even gave one Iraqi man one of his Purple Heart decorations as a way of saying thanks. 

To read the full story and more, visit the Los Angeles Times.

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