This Denim-Clad, Mullet-Rocking, '79 Snowmobile-Riding Canadian Stuntman Is My New Hero

"Big Hair. Bigger Air."

Larry Enticer's slogan. The Canadian man, who also goes by the name "Denim Danger 69," lives on the outskirts of Alberta and is a true inspiration to men all around the world.

Maybe it's the mullet. Maybe it's the full denim outfit. Maybe it's the '79 Yamaha snowmobile. Either way, put them all together and you get 100% awesome. Make that 190%.

When it's your life's mission to get as much air as possible, nothing will stand in your way.

Just recently, Larry attempted a world record. What that world record was, nobody knows. But by God, it was awesome. He spent days, if not weeks, "ripping powder" to get ready for the jump. 

Here, Larry gives us a round-around of his chick-magnet (NSFW language):

And last, but not least, the world record attempt. Larry threw down a can or five of Molson before the jump which is the only reason he didn't land it.

Top Photo Credit: Larry Enticer/Facebook

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